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wolfgang lloyd

creative director

Wolfgang Lloyd is a multi-talented creative professional and has served as a music producer, filmmaker, writer, and photographer on countless projects for over 10 years. Starting at the age of 10, his creative endeavor started with piano lessons. Although classically trained, he started composing and freestyling on the piano. His creative passion eventually led him to filmmaking in his high school video production class and fell in love with storytelling through films. His mother sent him to the Academy of the Arts in San Francisco to further develop his creative prowess with classes in comic illustration, Maya 3D animation, and film production. Soon after art school, he graduated from California State of Los Angeles in their film program. Since graduating, he has worked on numerous music videos, short films, corporate videos, tv shows, branded content, and feature films in all positions. His music video “Bounce” by Weapons of Mass Creation, directed and edited by him, was invited to be screened at Paramount Pictures. Currently, he is producing two feature films in post-production and looks forward to the future to make more films and content that will entertain and inspire a better world. 

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